Corinth is located eighty kilometers west of Athens on the south side of the Isthmus, a narrow neck of land connecting the Peloponnese to mainland Greece and separating the Corinthian Gulf from the Saronic Gulf and ultimately the Ionian and Aegean Seas.

With water, an imposing acropolis, a large fertile coastal and a position between two seas, Corinth was described by Homer as “aphneios” which means rich and prosperous.

The Corinthian Acropolis dominates the area reminding glorious days and the rich history of the area. The uncountable monasteries, the adjacent vineyards, the small yet eternally tilled fields and olive groves compose a magical picture and they are set out by the perpetual pass of time.

In the Corinthian countryside the local variety MANAKI is cultivated, and it is considered to be one of the best and most recognizable Greek olive oil varieties. Its characteristics are the very rich yet mild flavour. This special olive oil variety has connected its name with the prosperity and the history of the locals.

 “Aphneios land” … prosperous land by Homer.  Miraculous land for all of us that we cultivate it! And the story of the area goes on…..!